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  Author: marlboro73   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 3
Uncommon Sense: Out of the Box Thinking for An In the Box World

Security is always a concern with any new technology. When we think security we typically think of stopping an attacker from breaking in or gaining access. However, based on the broad reach of wireless, stopping someone from passively listening is just as critical. Intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and forensics are just a few of the key areas that must be understood and applied to proactively solve the wireless problem. From short text messaging to war driving, Wireless Crime and Forensic Investigation explores all aspects of wireless technology, how it is used in daily life, and how it will be used in the future.

The book provides a one-stop resource on the types of wireless crimes that are being committed and forensic investigation techniques for wireless devices and wireless networks. The author's straightforward and easy to read style seamlessly integrates the topics of wireless security and computer forensics. He provides a solid understanding of modern wireless technologies, wireless security techniques and wireless crime techniques, as well as conducting forensic analysis on wireless devices and networks. Each chapter, while part of a greater whole, can stand on its own, making researching wireless technologies, security, crime, or forensics easy. With a problem space as big and complex as wireless, proactive measures must be put in place, and put in place immediately. To protect your organization, you need to be well versed in the new technology sooner rather than later. You can pay now or you can pay later. Later always costs more.
  Author: marlboro73   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 7
Brilliant Origami

Brilliant Origami: A Collection of Original Designs By David Brill
Japan Publications (USA) | ISBN: 0870408968 | 240 pages | PDF | 40 MB
  Author: al67ex   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 4
Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET Ajax in 24 Hours

432 pages | 2008-07-19 | PDF | 5,6 MB

In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, you’ll learn how to build advanced web sites and applications with ASP.NET Ajax--and upgrade existing pages to deliver more power and business value. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson equips you with sufficient information and guides you to mastery of Ajax in real-world applications.
  Author: al67ex   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 4
Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Third Edition

768 pages | 2008-06-24 | PDF | 26,2 MB

Beginning Ubuntu Linux, the award winning and bestselling Ubuntu book for beginners, is now in its third edition, presenting readers with an introduction to the world of Linux and the open source community. A detailed overview of Ubuntu installation and configuration process encourages you to take the plunge and switch to Linux, and from there you will learn how to wield total control over your newly installed operating system. Guided through the most commonly desired tasks such as printer configuration, listening to audio CDs and MP3s, watching movies, performing office and Internet related tasks, as well as general system maintenance matters, authors Keir Thomas and Jaime Sicam will soon have you using and enjoying Ubuntu Linux and never looking back.
  Author: al67ex   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 3
High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More

708 pages | 2008-06-26 | PDF | 3,2 MB

High Performance MySQL is the definitive guide to building fast, reliable systems with MySQL. Written by noted experts with years of real-world experience building very large systems, this book covers every aspect of MySQL performance in detail, and focuses on robustness, security, and data integrity. High Performance MySQL teaches you advanced techniques in depth so you can bring out MySQL's full power. Learn how to design schemas, indexes, queries and advanced MySQL features for maximum performance, and get detailed guidance for tuning your MySQL server, operating system, and hardware to their fullest potential. You'll also learn practical, safe, high-performance ways to scale your applications with replication, load balancing, high availability, and failover.
  Author: al67ex   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 1
Programming .NET 3.5

476 pages | 2008-08-05 | PDF | 6,4 MB

.NET 3.5 will help you create better Windows applications, build Web Services that are more powerful, implement new Workflow projects and dramatically enhance the user's experience.But it does so with what appears to be a collection of disparate technologies. In Programming .NET 3.5, bestselling author Jesse Liberty and industry expert Alex Horovitz uncover the common threads that unite the .NET 3.5 technologies, so you can benefit from the best practices and architectural patterns baked into this newest generation of Microsoft frameworks. While single-topic .NET 3.5 books delve into Windows Presentation Foundation and the other frameworks in greater detail, Programming .NET 3.5 offers a "Grand Tour" of the release that describes how the four principal technologies can be used together, with Ajax, to build modern n-tier and service-oriented applications. Developers have struggled to implement these patterns with previous versions of the .NET Framework, but this hands-on guide uses real-world examples and fully annotated source code to demonstrate how .NET 3.5 can make it easy.
  Author: al67ex   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 1
The Productive Programmer

222 pages | 2008-07-10 | PDF | 3,8 MB

Anyone who develops software for a living needs a proven way to produce it better, faster, and cheaper. The Productive Programmer offers critical timesaving and productivity tools that you can adopt right away, no matter what platform you use.Master developer Neal Ford not only offers advice on the mechanics of productivity-how to work smarter, spurn interruptions, get the most out your computer, and avoid repetition-he also details valuable practices that will help you elude common traps, improve your code, and become more valuable to your team. You'll learn to: Write the test before you write the code Manage the lifecycle of your objects fastidiously Build only what you need now, not what you might need later Apply ancient philosophies to software development Question authority, rather than blindly adhere to standards Make hard things easier and impossible things possible through meta-programming Be sure all code within a method is at the same level of abstraction Pick the right editor and assemble the best tools for the job
  Author: al67ex   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 2
Understanding Digital Cameras: Getting the Best Image from Capture to Output

360 pages | 2007-04-10 | PDF | 21,4 MB

Understanding Digital Cameras will help you to:
* Choose the right camera, lens and output option to capture the perfect image
* Develop great technique, whatever your style or subject matter [cut]
* Be inspired! Showcasing a wide range of images, plus the work and insights of guest photographers
This key resource for all photographers will help you get the very best from todays sophisticated digital cameras.
  Author: CaseMan   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 2
Greek And Roman Necromancy by Daniel Ogden

Author: Daniel Ogden
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Language: English
Number of Pages: 338
PDF: 40.8 MB
ISBN-10: 0691119686
ISBN-13: 978-0691119687

In classical antiquity, there was much interest in necromancy--the consultation of the dead for divination. People could seek knowledge from the dead by sleeping on tombs, visiting oracles, and attempting to reanimate corpses and skulls. Ranging over many of the lands in which Greek and Roman civilizations flourished, including Egypt, from the Greek archaic period through the late Roman empire, this book is the first comprehensive survey of the subject ever published in any language.
  Author: CaseMan   |   28 August 2008   |   comments: 3
Magic, WitchCraft And Ghosts in the Greek And Roman Worlds - A SourceBook

Editor: Daniel Ogden
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Language: English
Number of Pages: 360
PDF: 1.86 MB
ISBN-10: 0195151232
ISBN-13: 978-0195151237
  Author: CaseMan   |   27 August 2008   |   comments: 1
Cooking The Greek Way

Publisher: Lerner Publications
Language: English
Number of Pages: 73
PDF: 32.3 MB
ISBN-10: 0822541319
ISBN-13: 978-0822541318

Recipes for authentic Greek foods such as dolmades, baklava, and spinach pie, plus several other recipes for main dishes, appetizers, and desserts.

Greek geography, history, holidays and festivals, typical ingredients, and sample menus are all covered.
  Author: CaseMan   |   27 August 2008   |   comments: 0
Fly Fishing: The Lifetime Sport by Dave & Cheryl Young

Authors: Dave & Cheryl Young
Publisher: Honeybear Press, LLC
Language: English
Number of Pages: 243
PDF: 11.1 MB
ISBN-10: 0977670309
ISBN-13: 978-0977670307

Fly fishing worshippers seeking a new "bible" will benefit greatly from the wealth of information found in this book.

Renowned news anchor Tom Brokaw once said, "If fishing is like religion, then fly fishing is high church." Fly fishing worshippers seeking a new "bible" will benefit greatly from the wealth of information found in "Fly Fishing: the Lifetime Sport, a comprehensive yet highly readable reference tool for fly fishermen of any skill level. With 8 1/2" x 11" full glossy pages, this book is well organized and visually appealing, with color photographs and illustrations on virtually every page.
  Author: CaseMan   |   27 August 2008   |   comments: 2
Information Science

Author: David G. Luenberger
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Language: English
Number of Pages: 440
PDF: 1.76 MB
ISBN-10: 0691124183
ISBN-13: 978-0691124186

From cell phones to Web portals, advances in information and communications technology have thrust society into an information age that is far-reaching, fast-moving, increasingly complex, and yet essential to modern life. Now, renowned scholar and author David Luenberger has produced Information Science, a text that distills and explains the most important concepts and insights at the core of this ongoing revolution. The book represents the material used in a widely acclaimed course offered at Stanford University.
  Author: CaseMan   |   27 August 2008   |   comments: 1
MacWorld Magazine - September 2008

Publisher: Mac Publishing, LLC
Language: English
PDF: 14.5 MB
ISSN: 0741-8647

Many magazines devoted to Macintosh computing have come and gone over the years, but Macworld has aged gracefully and become the premier resource for news, reviews, tips, and chatter for the Apple crowd. But far from being a stale grande dame, Macworld continues to pepper its articles and monthly columns by Andy Ihnatko and Christopher Breen with zest, humor, and unbiased viewpoints. The magazine also regularly attracts some of the best writers in the Mac universe, including Photoshop and prepress wizard Bruce Fraser, Quark guru David Blatner, and Adam Engst, editor of the popular TidBits e-newsletter. Their insight and invaluable step-by-step tips help you get the most out of your Mac. But Macworld's bread and butter comes from its heaping helping of reviews on the latest hardware systems, software, monitors, add-on gadgets, and more. They cut to the chase without a lot of fluff, offering review summaries with pros and cons, buying advice, and a rating scale of one to five mice (computer mice, that is).
  Author: al67ex   |   27 August 2008   |   comments: 3
Enterprise Architecture A to Z: Frameworks, Business Process Modeling, SOA, and Infrastructure Technology

504 pages | 2008-06-19 | PDF | 5,6 MB

Driven by the need and desire to reduce costs, organizations are faced with a set of decisions that require analytical scrutiny. Enterprise Architecture A to Z: Frameworks, Business Process Modeling, SOA, and Infrastructure Technology examines cost-saving trends in architecture planning, administration, and management.
To establish a framework for discussion, this book begins by evaluating the role of Enterprise Architecture Planning and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) modeling. It provides an extensive review of the most widely deployed architecture framework models. In particular, the book discusses The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and the Zachman Architectural Framework (ZAF) in detail, as well as formal architecture standards and all four layers of these models: the business architecture, the information architecture, the solution architecture, and the technology architecture.
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