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Steps to Remove Spray Tan from Your Hands and Feet

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Have you ever seen your skin have a patchy color after a session of spray tan? Regardless of washing it well, there is a chance that these stains persist and it will be disappointing if you have to get rid of the spray tan prior to your next spray tan session at a luxury tanning salon. The ingredients used in spray tan contain dihydroxyacetone aka DHA, and that helps in making the surface layer of the skin tanned or darker.

The dry areas on your skin are prone to absorb more DHA than the rest of your body, which may add to the difficulties related with getting the spray tan off of your skin. Appropriate removal of spray tan from your body before your next appointment is a part of a proper spray tan care and really helps. Look at these five master tactics for how to remove spray tan from your hands and feet.

1. Soak yourself in the tub

Warm water shower or soak is not just pampering and relaxing, it’s an extraordinary method to relax your skin’s surface in anticipation of peeling and eliminating spray tan from your feet and hands. Warm water likewise cleanses the skin and it is significant in case you’re planning for another spray tan appointment at the closest tanning booth.

Spraying is powerful for assisting with eliminating spray tan from different pieces of your body, as well. Take a stab at applying a layer of relieving body oil before your spray to begin relaxing obstinate patches of shading and make certain to totally ascend off and dry prior to making a beeline for your spray tan arrangement.

2. Exfoliate gently on your skin

As spray tan sinks into your skin’s surface layer, an ideal method to eliminate extra color and profoundly cleanse your skin is exfoliating gently to prepare your skin for a good experience at your next spray tan appointment. There are various approaches to peel, yet whichever strategy you pick, ensure you rub gently so you can avoid causing scraped areas.

3. Exfoliant with lemon juice

Lemon juice has citrus extract and Vitamin C, and that helps in easing up the skin and getting rid of all the extra spray tan. You can utilize it straightforwardly on your feet and hands or join with a heated soft drink to make a gentle exfoliant pointed toward slicing through sketchy shading.

4. Make use of steam room

Another compelling method to help eliminate spray tan from your feet, hands or anywhere on your body is steam. The warmth and sweat makes your skin and the tan soft, making it simpler to clear off later. Utilize a wet, warm washcloth and delicately focus on round movements on skin. Wash yourself with warm water and make certain to dry totally prior to your spray tan appointment the next time.

5. Take a Swin

In the event that you approach a pool, you should seriously think about taking a plunge. The chlorine in pools may go about as both a delicate blanching specialist and assists with eliminating spray tan that is left on your skin, particularly in those bothersome zones like between the toes.…